Thunder Bay resident converts Dragon electric trike to run on renewable solar energy

Richard Small, a resident of Thunder Bay in Canada is trying to better the eco credentials of his electric three-wheeled bike by converting it to run on solar energy. Electric vehicles as we all know aren’t really green if the electricity used to recharge their onboard batteries comes from conventional sources.

In an effort to showcase the world how an electric vehicle can termed truly green, Small, who has been working with solar power for about 10 years, converted his electric bike to sport three solar panels that collectively generate about 500w of clean electric power. Though the bike still supports the conventional charging outlet, the inventor says that he hasn’t used it ever after the inclusion of solar panels.

The solar panels have been attached in a way so that they can tilt depending on the position of the sun in the sky for maximized energy output. The converted trike can hit a top speed of 32kph and has an operating range of up to 200km. The entire conversion process cost Small about $3600 including the $650 he paid for the solar panels.

Since the conversion voids the warranty clause set by the manufacturing company, the inventor isn’t planning to start converting similar bikes owned by others to run on solar power. However, Small states that the conversion process took just five days and he can explain the entire conversion process to those who are willing to sacrifice the warranty of their three-wheeled bikes for the sake of the environment.

Via: Chronicle Journal

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