Indian company debuts $50 solar-powered cell phone

Considering the fact that portable electronic gadgets use a very small amount of energy, powering them with solar panels definitely seems a novel idea. Several manufacturers have taken up this opportunity to develop cell phones with embedded photovoltaic panels, but not many have been able to do so with an affordable cell phone. Indian mobile equipment manufacturer Micromax has come up with a sub-$50 phone that has been designed to run on solar power.

The solar powered Micromax X259, isn’t dumb on the technical specifications as well. The affordable device features a 2.4-inch colored display having a resolution of 240×320 pixels, a 0.3MP camera, GPRS, Bluetooth, dual-SIM setup, FM radio recording capability and a 1000mAh battery.

While the device still comes with the conventional wall socket charger, the onboard solar panel ensures that theoretically you won’t ever have a cell phone with a depleted battery. The company claims that the device can offer 1.5 hours of talktime after three hours of solar charging. The competitively-priced cell phone is a boon for a country like India, where the mobile phone market is growing at a very fast pace.

Via: NDTV Gadgets

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