Architect proposes sustainable headquarters for Lucknow’s IDA

In developing countries like India, sustainable architecture usually takes the back seat whenever it comes to planning new buildings for urban cities. Realizing the need for sustainable architecture in India, architect Annkit Kummar has come up with a sustainably striking building for the Lucknow’s Industrial Development Authority. The city of Lucknow, which is usually known for its Mughal architecture, is one of the hottest places in India, making it even more difficult for architects to work on the sustainability front.

The newly designed building for LIDA has been planned in such a way that it blends nature and architecture. The proposed headquarters incorporates greenery into the higher levels of the building with terrace gardens and recreational spaces for the employees. The central courtyard features vertical voids to allow wind to flow throughout the building’s interior – keeping the interiors cool during the summers.

The architect has also designed a couple of horizontal voids on the façade of the building to provide a prevalent cross breeze throughout the atrium. The voids help keep the interior temperature much below the ambient temperature during the summers. The entire mass of the proposed building is also covered with horizontal louvers that create a bio-climate on the inside so that the interior temperature of the building is regulated and a considerable amount of energy required for cooling the building is saved.

To even reduce the heat-island effect, the architect is planning to use an intelligent façade that features a solar glass glazing to prevent heat from getting into the building. Moreover, the use of solar glass will also better the efficiency of the building’s cooling system thereby saving a lot of energy.

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