Dwarf: Compact all-electric minibus concept is solar powered

Public transportation is definitely a green way to commute. However, buses in particular aren’t exactly that eco friendly as they can be if this Dwarf minibus concept goes into production. Conceptualized by Dakoda Reid, this green beauty is made to run on electricity harvested by onboard solar panels.

Featuring an electric motor in each of its four wheels, the electric bus can be operated in any direction for tight turns or congested parallel parking. To keep things light in weight, the designer has integrated lightweight reinforced polymers and composites for all the body work.

The all-electric bus carries a large battery pack on its floor, which not only stores the energy harvested by the solar roof, but can also be recharged by the conventional wall socket. The futuristic concept has been designed with omni-directional wheels that allow the bus to turn 360 degrees with ease in tight spaces. Though, the designer hasn’t revealed details regarding the expected operating range and top speed, the large battery packs and continuous solar charging, makes us believe that the vehicle should be good enough for at least a hundred miles.

Via: YankoDesign

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