Springtime’s ice cream cart uses the sun to keep it cool

Ice creams and the sun don’t gel along quite nicely but that’s not stopping a Dutch design company Springtime from using the sun to keep ice creams frozen. The company has recently came up with an awesome ice cream cart, the roof of which is laden with solar cells, that provide all the energy the cart’s onboard refrigeration system needs.

The solar cells charge batteries that provide electricity to the refrigeration unit to keep the frozen treats chilled without generating any harmful greenhouse gases in the process. Developed as a joint venture between IJS & Zopie and Odenwald Organics, the ice cream cart could prove to be a stepping stone for exciting new products in the areas of mobility, public design and sports.

The designers expect the cart to become an energy-neutral solution for vendors all around the globe. With a couple of awards under its belt already, the company is now taking orders for their next production run.

Via: Inhabitat

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