Portable solar power generator can power a refrigerator for four days

solar power generator

The market today seems flooded with all kinds of solar powered generators aiming to charge everything from your mobile phone to your tablet computer. However, generators for more power-hungry appliances at your home, such as the refrigerator or the television mostly run on conventional fossil fuels. Spotted at Hammacher, this unique solar power generator aims to change that perception of solar chargers.

Laptop for 30 Hour with this Solar Power Generator

Developed as an emergency source of power, this advanced solar power generator provides zero-emission back-up power without relying on the use of volatile fuels such as propane or gas. Featuring two 30W mono-crystalline solar panels, the energy generated by the charging system is used to charge a 1250W battery bank, which according to the creators can keep your refrigerator running for up to four days, a television for up to 35 hours and a laptop for 30 hours, once it is charged to full capacity in 20 hours.

The system features an integrated LCD panel that displays the power input/output and the amount of power remaining in the system’s battery bank. While the basic system, which retails for $2000, includes two solar panels, up to eight solar panels can be connected to the batteries for faster recharge and more power. Also included is an AC charging cable, which can be used to power the battery bank for emergency situations.

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