Sustainable building proposal for LIDA covers 60% of its energy demands renewably

Just yesterday we published a sustainable design proposal for Lucknow Industrial Development Authority headquarters in India by architect Annkit Kummar and today we have another entry for the same building that too has been conceptualized on the principles of sustainability. Designed by Sthapati Associates of Lucknow, the building is designed to be located on the Lucknow-Kanpur expressway and aims at the LEED-Platinum certification.

The building boasts of using an environmentally-friendly Geo Exchange HVAC system along with a 500KW solar power-plant on the top, which generates 60 percent of the building’s total energy demands. The geo-exchange HVAC system has been tried at some of the world’s latest energy saving buildings and can save about 30 percent of the energy when compared with conventional HVAC systems employed world-over.

The lower levels of the building offer a large space to be utilized as green public spaces, allowing the building to go high-rise while still maintaining its eco friendly credentials. Use of solar panels at inclined angles help in trapping maximum solar energy for more energy output. Use of double glazed glass reduces the heat entrapped inside the building which further reduces the load on the building’s HVAC system.

Sustainability is achieved by different means such as use of solar panels on the western facade so that maximum heat can be entrapped and is not allowed to enter inside the premises. The eastern façade of the building is designed in receding floor slabs thereby getting aesthetically pleasing form. In addition, the building features an overhung canopy perched at the top which has photovoltaic panels assisting in renewable energy generation. Moreover, the architects are planning to make use of rapid-wall construction technique to make construction efficient and cost effective.

All Images © Sthapati Associates

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