Fenix ReadySet aims to reduce carbon footprint of your digital gear

The rising cost of energy and the need to go green has made manufacturers come up with a lot of renewable energy solutions. However, most of these devices are product specific that means a charger for a cell phone won’t be able to charge your laptop. The Fenix ReadySet could well be the game changer. The device is a plug and play renewable energy generating system that can power multiple electronic devices using renewable energy.

Featuring an intelligent battery that can power itself from different sources of renewable energy such as solar panels, bicycle generators or micro-wind turbines, the device allows you to power your entire digital gear without emitting even an ounce of greenhouse gas.

The kit includes a battery, 15W solar panel, power adapter for charging the battery the conventional way, 3W LED light, USB universal battery charger and an instruction manual. The device is ideal for all those looking for a clean energy charger for their next camping trip and those who want their emergency power kit to harness clean energy. Using clean energy from the sun, which is then stored in an onboard battery, the ReadySet can charge everything from MP3 players to mobile phones and even power a set of lights.

The developers are giving the first 100 people who buy the product a $100 discount off the $300 retail price. The money collected will help the developers fund their R&D operations in Africa, where they are planning new game-changing clean energy solutions.

Via: Kickstarter

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