Stream Cleaner sanitizes water through photocatalysis and solar radiation

Dearth of clean drinking water is still a major issue in underdeveloped, and even developing, nations, for waterborne diseases cause around 1.8 million human deaths (annually) worldwide. Designed to provide clean drinking water for the masses in third world nations, the “Stream Cleaner” is a portable water purifier that makes use of basic technology to clean water in a sustainable manner.

Based on the principle of redox, the economical water purifier sans chemical products and makes use of photocatalysis and solar radiation to sanitize water in a sustainable manner.  The photocatalysis process works through reaction between UV rays and titanium dioxide to eliminate the bacteria and chemicals from the water.

Spreading its petals like a blooming flower to fill the impure water, the compact water purifier can sanitize adequate water, about 10 liters/day, to quench the thirst of a small family. The Stream Cleaner is not just portable and economical, but also uses safe and sustainable methods to provide hygienic water.

Via: Jamesdysonaward

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