Elon Musk imagines space tech for cleaner transportation on Earth

While we aren’t really expecting something extraordinary for transportation solutions on Earth from companies working on futuristic technologies for space travel, Elon Musk of SpaceX wants our planet to be in a better shape along with providing solutions to take humans to Mars. Musk has come up with Hyperloop – a proposal that could revolutionize public transportation.

The Hyperloop, much like the Vactrain concept we featured a couple of days ago, would never crash, can run in all weather conditions and above all, it lets you travel twice as fast as you normally do in a commercial jet – allowing you to reach San Francisco from LA in just half an hour. What sounds to us as a futuristic dream, much like faster than light travel, is doable according to Musk.

Musk further states that the system could actually be self-powering with solar panels on top of it, and could actually generate more energy that it consumes, thereby saving all additional energy in onboard batteries for use during overcast conditions. Though the design is fully functional in Musk’s mind he says that he will reveal details to anyone who could come up with a credible proposal that makes it happen.

Via: Dvice

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