Solar3D develops prototype 3D solar cell to maximize energy conversion

The amount of energy that a solar cell generates is directly proportional to the surface area it offers for sunlight to fall upon. Maximizing the energy output of photovoltaic cells, California-based Solar3D has come up with an interesting three-dimensional solar cell that with nanostructures on a silicon wafer. The company’s initial prototype of the 3D solar cell has been made using available technology from Panasonic.

The company stated that they’ve spent several months in completing their fabrication process and have successfully fabricated a 3D photovoltaic nanostructure on the surface of a silicon wafer. Since the prototype panel was built using technology already available, the price of mass production is not expected to be prohibitively expensive.

The company is continuing with more tests on the all-new panel, but hopes are high that the resulting panel should be up to 50 percent more efficient that the conventional photovoltaic panels offering 2D surface to capture sunlight.

Via: Engadget

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