Amplisonic unveils guitar amplifier range made using recycled gas cans

We recently featured a range of audio speakers made using recycled suitcases and today we have another striking eco friendly audio product from the house of Finland-based Amplisonic. The audio equipment manufacturing company has come up with a range of guitar amplifiers made using recycled gas cans.

The V8 T.A.N.K is a mobile guitar amplifier that is built to last and ready to perform whenever and wherever needed. The amp features an onboard lead accumulator allowing more than eight hours of continuous playing time. The onboard accumulator can easily be recharged using a conventional wall socket, car battery and even a solar panel.

If you’re not playing any music, the electricity stored in the accumulator can even be used to power your cell phone or additional LED lights. Using the amp is quite simple – all you have to do is to connect your guitar or any music player and you are all set to rock. On the hardware side, the system includes a 10” speaker, an external speaker output port and volume controls for guitar and mic. You can also get the amp custom painted in any color.

The range features a collection of amps to suit different requirements. Other options include accessorizing your T.A.N.K with a volt meters and an additional T.A.N.K speaker.

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