Solar Bag purifies water using ultraviolet rays

For people living in the developed world, potable water is easy to get. However, the conditions aren’t the same in the developing and underdeveloped world, especially in places such as the rural part of Africa, where families normally travel up to 10 hours each day to get clean water. Industrial designer Ryan Lynch is aiming to improve the conditions with a solar powered water purification system coming in the form of a bag.

Dubbed the Solar Bag, system aims to provide an easy and affordable solution to purify water. The purification bag that relies on ultraviolet radiation from the sun also doubles as a way to transport water from the source to homes. The designer has played around with materials and has found simple materials that can purify water in just six hours.

The materials attract more UV rays to maximize their potential by reflecting the rays of sun the sun back and forth between the materials of the bag. The bag also features a “Ziploc” seal allowing the user to lay the bag flat on open ground to maximize the surface area available for purification of water.

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