Prototype vertical axis wind turbine and be flat-packed and shipped

After spending 30 years in developing a new wind turbine that offers easy shipping and assembly, McCamley has come up with a prototype wind turbine that has been erected at Keele University in the UK. Unlike conventional vertical axis wind turbines, this new model can be flat-packed and shipped to any destination where it can be assembled back just as easily.

The wind turbine, which produces less noise and vibrations than horizontal axis wind turbines, is being claimed to be perfectly suited for installation in inner cities, though the company also claims that the turbine can begin rotating at gentle wind speeds of just 4mph. The turbine can easily be adapted to capacities between 1 and 24kW, though the larger versions have not yet been created.

With an initial target to produce a wind turbine that generates about 12kW of power, the final plan of the company is to scale the wind turbine to generate over 1MW of clean electrical power. With an ability to run in low wind speeds, makes the turbine perfect for installation on building rooftops without the need of additional masts.

Via: Gizmag

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