Marina Barrage in Singapore prevents floods, stores rainwater

The island nation of Singapore receives about 100 inches of rain annually, which makes flood control and potable water supply a burning issue. To solve the crisis, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, thought of building a barrage that could create a freshwater reservoir to better the supply of water, while protecting the nation from floods. The resultant development was the beautiful green-roofed Marina Barrage, which is the nation’s 15th reservoir.

The barrage offers a large catchment area of a whopping 10,000 hectares, which is the largest in Singapore and also the most urbanized. The barrage is also a part of the comprehensive flood control system – with nine gates that activate to release storm water into the sea when the tide is low. During high tides, the giant pumps built in the barrage drain excess water.

Apart from preventing the local population from floods by regulating the flow of storm water, the barrage also helps in keeping fresh water away from seawater. The reservoir alone can meet about 10 percent of the nation’s current freshwater demand. Apart from these benefits, the barrage’s green roof also serves as a tourist attraction allowing visitors come here for kite flying, and picnicking. Moreover, the reservoir allows visitors to participate in a variety of activities ranging from boating to windsurfing.

Via: Inhabitat

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