12 million footfalls to power eco friendly walkway to London 2012 Olympic Park

We have talked about the various technologies being developed by researchers over the globe that promise to produce power every time you walk. One such pioneering example of generating pedestrian power is in the form of piezoelectric tiles developed by British renewable energy technology company – Pavegen Systems. The company has now been commissioned by the Olympic Delivery Authority to power lighting system installed on a temporary bridge that leads to the Olympic Park in London.

The company will be providing a total of 12 energy harvesting floor tiles that will be installed on the walking route to the Olympic Park. With an expected footfall of more than 12 million, the tiles could generates about 72 million joules of energy, enough to recharge 10,000 mobile phones for an hour. The power generated here won’t actually be used to charge your cellphone, but will illuminate the walkway for eight hours at full power during night and 16 hours of daylight at half power.

Apart from powering the lighting system, the units will also produce surplus energy of around 35 percent, which will be stored as a contingency in batteries onboard the units. The ODA states that the piezoelectric lighting system will be just one of the many sustainable initiatives at this year’s Olympics in London.

Via: Treehugger / London 2012

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