Eco friendly concept lawnmower runs on hydrogen fuel cells

While cleaning up our lawns on a sunny weekend, we often forget that conventional lawnmowers that are powered by gasoline engines produce not just noise, but a variety of greenhouse gases that pollute the environment. Moreover, gas-powered lawnmowers aren’t easy to start and their maintenance cost is also very high. Industrial designer Otto Polefko has come up with a concept lawnmower that solves all the above mentioned problems.

Dubbed the Crab, the concept lawnmower is designed to run on hydrogen fuel cells promising quiet and emission-free mowing job. The concept produces hydrogen from rainwater whenever it is connected to a wall charger. Hydrogen produced by the system is then stored in three large tanks made using lightweight and strong composite materials that are explosion-proof.

A fuel cell then utilizes the onboard hydrogen to produce electricity that is fed into an array of lithium batteries that power the lawnmower’s electric motor. The lawnmower, which can be started by just a press of a button, also features an LCD indicator that provides information regarding the availability of hydrogen. The lawnmower’s hands and wheels can be easily folded to make its storage easy.

Cheers! Otto Polefko

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