First solar hybrid buses roll off production line in China

We all know that leaving your car back at home and using available public transportation services could do a lot of good to your personal carbon footprint. However, in developing countries like China and India, the condition of buses plying on the road is really bad as they are mostly seen emitting a thick black cloud of greenhouse gases as they run. To improve public transportation facilities in North East China, the country’s Heilongjiang Qiqiar Longhua New Energy Automobile Company has developed innovative hybrid buses that come with an array of onboard solar panels.

First of these solar hybrid buses have rolled off the production line in NE China. The developing company claims that the buses can accommodate a maximum of 100 passengers and the onboard solar panels continually recharge the lithium ion batteries used to power these buses. The company also states that the use of solar panels boosts the life of the lithium batteries by up to 35 percent, with the buses consuming about 0.7kWh of electricity per kilometer.

Via: Xinhuanet/IBN Live

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