Foroba Yelen: Solar-powered LED street light to transform lives in Rural Mali

Living conditions in rural parts of the world are entirely different from what we’re used to in the urban world. Researchers and designers over the world are coming up with eco friendly systems that can transform living conditions in the rural world by making affordable and powering them with renewable sources of energy. Just yesterday we reported about a foot-powered washing machine that could cost just $4 and today we have another similar product, a sustainable street light, developed as a result of an anthropological study by eLand, established by Italian architect Matteo Ferroni.


The streetlight can be made locally using recycled bicycle parts, soda cans, a battery and a few LED lights. The lamppost is connected onto the wheel of the bike to make it easily transportable. The LED lights are connected to a battery, which can be recharged by the villages’ solar panels, which are common throughout rural Mali. Though the designer has developed the system to run on solar power, we really wanted the designer to somehow convert the bicycle attached to the lamppost to an energy generating one, so that the battery too can be recharged on the site itself.

Via: Treehugger

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