World’s first solar powered kiosk comes up in Ethiopia

Designed by Graft Lab, the world’s first solar powered kiosk has officially be opened in Ethiopia. Envisioned as a standalone business unit that can sell eco friendly products and tools to the natives, the SolarKiosk provides a safe and affordable solution for people living on off-the-grid areas. People in such areas normally make use of diesel generators and kerosene lamps for electricity and lighting needs and the SolarKiosk aims to change all that will emission free electricity.

The SolarKiosk is equipped with rooftop photovoltaic panels that can provide enough energy to power lights, car batteries, cellular phones and even a solar powered fridge. Apart from providing energy, the kiosk can also be used to sell products such as solar lanterns, cell phones and refreshments. Since the kiosk is equipped with a small refrigerator too, it can be used to store emergency supplies such as medicines and vaccines.

The lightweight structure of the kiosk is designed to be assembled on site using locally available materials. The kiosk can be made available as a kit, which can also be modified to create a larger structure or a series of small kiosks with the largest prototype can generate enough power to run a telecom tower.

Via: Gizmag

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