Tree-shaped solar charger can recharge a variety of mobile devices

Gone are the days when you had to purchase a variety of solar chargers to charge your entire gadget gear when outdoors. Products such as the USB Solar Charger Tree can ease things for you, while also ensuring less production waste. The solar powered charger, which has been designed in the form of a tree, can charge almost any USB device and most known cell phones.

The device, which features a 3000mAh polymer battery, can be recharged by the leaf-shaped solar panels on board and also via conventional grid electricity. Weighing about 340 grams, the charger is portable enough to be carried along on your next camping trip. The device comes with a variety of connectors that can help recharge most known mobile phones and also a USB charging port, to make sure your other portable gadgets get sustainably charged too.

Via: Brando

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