Foot Print Terrarium affirms to your green efforts to sustain plant life

Student designers at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design have come up with concept terrarium that sustains plant life according to your green efforts. Dubbed the Foot Print Terrarium, the idea behind the product is to explore the well being of a living organism based on the environmental impact of the owner’s consumption choices.

The terrarium consists of a domestic plant that is exposed to varying amounts of air, water and light that are based on the owner’s carbon footprint. The owner is given a special location aware Smartphone app that keeps track on the user’s daily carbon footprint. The app tracks his transportation choices and suggests greener alternatives to items that he’s looking to purchase at the supermarket.

Depending on the environmental impact of the choices made by the owner, the terrarium supports the plant with air, water and light. Watching the terrarium depicts whether consumption choices have affected the plant negatively or positively. If the person makes eco friendly decisions, the plant thrives or else its life is in risk.

The designers claim that though the concept isn’t a fool-proof pitch about an ideal product, but it can provoke the owner to make green decisions so as to support a life.

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