Solar Island Resort: Self-powered floating resort is ideal for a globally warmed world

Designed by Michele Puzzolante, the Solar Island Resort pictures a world where resorts will no longer be built on vast expanses of land, but will be floating on the waves, and will be powered by clean energy received from the sun. The designer states that the amount of solar energy received on the earth each hour is more than what the entire humanity consumes in a year, making it an ideal source to power the world sans any toxic greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, after the initial set up cost of large solar energy generators has been recouped, solar energy is practically free.

To showcase the true potential of renewable solar energy, Michele has come up with the Solar Island Resort – a self-powered resort featuring a new structural element composed of a 15mm outside and a 15mm outside skin in balsa reinforced fiberglass. Thin film photovoltaics are embedded into both the skins that absorb solar energy on the outside and artificial lighting on the inside to produce clean energy. Between both the skins is a 30cm vacuum insulation to protect the area from heat and also reduce the amount of energy required by the air conditioning system.

The resort features a five star hotel and multi-purpose marinas. The five star hotel offers space for a hall, conference rooms, restaurant, bar lounge, VIP lounge, wellness center spa, boutique area, 36 bedrooms, 12 junior suites, 4 large suites and 2 presidential penthouses. Moreover, the marina offers space for 14 yachts, 10 solar floating resorts, which are also designed by the Michele, an underwater restaurant, an underwater bar lounge disco, mini airports, back offices and space for the staff of the resort.

The designer estimates that since the proposal is based on technology that is readily available, the project could soon take shape and could cost somewhere around $125 million to build.

Cheers! Michele Puzzolante

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