Harmowind vertical axis wind turbine is what a green home needs

Unlike solar panels which need a lot of space, preferably on the rooftop, to generate enough energy to power a household without sourcing additional energy from the grid, wind turbines can definitely be more practical for households. However, wind turbines, especially the most commonly used horizontal axis wind turbines have their own drawbacks – ranging from noise and vibration to the problems it causes for birds. To solve these issues with horizontal axis wind turbines, industrial designer Hailan Li has come up with a concept vertical axis wind turbine dubbed the Harmowind.

Unlike horizontal axis wind turbines, Harmowind is independent of wind direction and can even make use of wind turbulence to generate power. Moreover, the concept has been designed to run silently thanks to the vertical axis and its small rotation radius. The turbine is installed on the 10-meter high mast and can generate enough power for a single-family green home.

With a helix-form, the concept wind turbine reduces the unevenness of aerodynamic force and the shadow effect of the wind turbine is also minimized. The blades have been designed to minimize the disco-effect during the rotation. The designer believes that the concept can serve a household with clean renewable energy for a time of at least 20 years, helping homeowners reduce their electricity bills and their carbon footprint.

Via: YankoDesign

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