New navigation system could better electric vehicle range

The problem with most electric cars on the market today is their minimal all-electric range and the time taken by the onboard batteries to be fully recharged. Researchers at the University of California, Riverside, believe that a specially designed navigation system is all that is needed to boost electric vehicle range, while also saving the driver from the mess of traffic jams.

The research team is developing a navigation device that instead of merely showing directions to your destination follows something called the “Eco Routing” navigation, which considers factors such as traffic, topography and road type to provide the best possible route where the energy consumed to travel will be the least.

The new navigation system directs the driver to avoid roads with high traffic or roads with a hill climb. The simple energy saving techniques help the driver reach the destination in the shortest possible time without expending a large amount of energy. The system will be a boon for not just electric vehicle drivers, but for people driving conventionally fueled cars, where it can save a few liters of gas.

Via: AutoBlog

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