Aqua Míele concept kitchen offers more counter space, saves energy

The kitchen is an integral part of any modern home, however, with more and more appliances cluttering our kitchens, the space for more productive tasks such as chopping food gets reduced. Moreover, the rise in the cost of energy has made homeowners think about the type of appliances they are using in their kitchens, making them purchase appliances that can save water and energy at the same time.

Industrial designer Emma Doody is trying to answer these growing concerns with a concept kitchen dubbed the Aqua Míele. The concept helps homeowners get more counter space in their kitchen and also save on energy and water. The range includes a dip sink and a steam dishwasher. Both these appliances not only help save water, but also have a white polished corian top, which is quite durable and allows the kitchen user to use the top as a chopping board, while leaving no marks.

The best way to conserve resources is by using two dishes, one on either side of the dip sink and the other ready to be used. This way the user will never have to unload or load their dishwasher. The dishes are washed, taken out, used and put back into the dishwasher.

Via: Emma Doody

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