Treescape: Green roofed tree furniture to help you connect with nature

With the fast pace of life in urban cities around the world, urban dwellers don’t get much time or space to relax and connect with nature. This is the reason we see some urban residents thronging parks or traveling to much peaceful locations during the weekends. Industrial designer Emma Moody has conceptualized a unique furniture unit for such areas where connecting with nature isn’t easy.

Dubbed the Treescape, the furniture is designed as a personal hanging contemplation space, which allows you to escape today’s hectic world and spend some peaceful time in a fresh environment near a tree. The Treescape furniture is designed to be attached on a branch of a tree in closed form. A user can simply pull a rope attached to the furniture to open the Treescape and also pull it down to a manageable height for you to get into the furniture unit.

Once inside, the user can pull the same rope back to get up into the tree, where the user can relax and spend some peaceful time away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The same procedure can be repeated to get down from the Treescape and close it. The designer also envisions solar lamps that can be placed on your lawn to capture solar energy and can then be hooked onto the Treescape for evening relaxation.

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