Recyclable basketball stadium for 2012 London Olympics

With the start of the world’s biggest games carnival in London, the craze is surely taking onto the streets of this British capital. While some may argue that the hosting of games carnivals on such a large scale isn’t exactly green, which is something the world today is in a desperate need of, a trio of architects namely Sinclair Knight Merz, Wilkinson Eyre and KSS have come up with an eco friendly basketball stadium.

Made using 1000 tons of steel, the stadium can’t be termed exactly green for the choice of materials, the architects’ state that the stadium is a temporary mobile structure, which, as you could have guessed by now, is entirely recyclable and reusable. The comparatively light-weight stadium, will be removed from its present site in London after the games are over, and well we could actually see it in a different part of the world.

Via: Inhabitat

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