Kenguru: The world’s first drive from wheelchair electric car

While there are vehicles that support wheelchair access, but there aren’t many production vehicles that allow a wheelchair-bound passenger to take on the controls. The Kenguru is now making it possible for the wheelchair-bound to drive. The electric car, which is being claimed to be the first in the world to allow drive from wheelchair, runs on two 2kW electric motors.

To ease access, the vehicle features a single door towards the rear of the car for direct wheelchair access. The door is opened by a remote control. The interior has nothing flashy, but offers enough room for the wheelchair-bound driver. The vehicle’s body is made using fiberglass, keeping its weight down to just 350kg, which increases to 550kg with the batteries onboard.

The rear-wheel powered vehicle, offers a maximum speed of 45kph and a operating range up to 110km. The Kenguru is being offered for a price of $25,000, but the price of the car can be considerably reduced in areas that offer incentives for the purchase of zero emission electric cars. The vehicle is set for a US launch in about a year.

Via: Gizmag

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