Inner City Vehicle is a trendy looking car for a sustainable future

Carved by Sean Seongjun Ko the Inner City Vehicle concept is a zero emission vehicle for a green future. We say carved, not created, because of the fact that the designer has taken inspiration from wavy and sliced sculptures. The retro-looking car offers passengers a way to relax and enjoy a comfortable journey in a car that is easy on the environment too.

The Inner City Vehicle concept features room for four passengers in an open body, topped up with a curvy translucent roof, which can even be rolled back for the convertible car feel. The compact car, which has been designed for a greener tomorrow, runs on hydrogen fuel cells and thus emits just water vapor from its exhaust pipe. The interior space is quite dynamic and flexible, which unlike conventional cars doesn’t make passengers sit while facing the same direction.

The wheels of this zero emission concept car seem quite similar to what used to in vehicles made in the 1920s era, but here they have been designed a little more fluently, making the vehicle look more graceful.

Via: YankoDesign

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