FlyNano reintroduces its sea plane in an all-electric avatar

At the Aero 2011 trade fair that was held in Friedrichshafen, Germany, Finnish aeronautics frim FlyNano, introduced the FlyNano prototype sea plane that was powered by a petrol/electric engine. The company has now reintroduced the amphibious aircraft in an all-electric avatar, promising a clean and noise free fun flight. The company tested the aircraft at Finland’s Lake Hepari, to show that the aircraft is now ready for takeoff.

The company stated that the recent advancements in electric batteries and motors, the company planned to switch over from a combustion engine to a cleaner electric engine. The carbon-fiber aircraft weighs less than 70kg and has a cruising speed of about 140kph. While the rudder of the sea plane is controlled by pedals, the throttle is controlled by a stick. The aircraft doesn’t have a windshield, but that’s what the company’s philosophy is all about – “feel the wind”.

The company’s next plan is to make sure that at least 35 planes reach the dealers by the end of next year. Priced at $40,000, the sea plane is being claimed to be silent and its power-train vibrations are also reduced. The company states that the sea plane can be piloted by anyone who has ever had a pilot’s license and those who don’t have it will have to learn about simple rules of the air.

Via: Physorg


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