Israeli entrepreneur creates cardboard bicycle for just $9

While researchers and auto designers are thinking about replacing steel with carbon fiber to make bicycles light in weight and more efficient, not to mention more expensive as well, Izhar Gafni, an Israeli entrepreneur has come up with an affordable solution in the form of a bicycle made using corrugated cardboard. What was initially being claimed to be an impossible task, was being dreamt all over by Izhar and his dream soon came into life.

The first prototype of this cardboard bicycle developed by Izhar did work, but according to him it looked more like delivery boxes on wheels and hence wasn’t catching many investor eyes. So he set up his mind once more and finally created a wonderfully designed bicycle from cardboard.

Inspired by origami, the second and the finished prototype of the bicycle features a more attractive design and as an added benefit it is made to withstand moisture, so you can easily cycle over puddles without worrying about destroying the bike. The cardboard structure is able to withstand up to 140kg in weight and is entirely waterproof. AS an added advantage, the developer claims that if mass produced, the production cost of the bike will be somewhere in the range of $12 and the end product could be made available to consumers for as little as $60.

Via: Green Prophet

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