Europe’s first hydro powered bus and tram interchange to come up in Rochdale

After winning the contract to develop a sustainable bus and tram interchange in Rochdale, Kier Construction has announced that construction on the new interchange will commence this month. The sustainably designed interchange will be the first in Europe with integrated hydropower generation systems. The new interchange is a part of the much larger £250 million town center plan.

The new facility will be built next to River Roch, and will also use the river’s flow to generate renewable electricity. A hydroelectric turbine has been installed next to the interchange which will convert the energy from the river as it flows rapidly through a weir. The turbine is driven by an “Archimedean Screw” and is expected to produce about 86,000kWh of electricity each year, reducing the interchange’s carbon footprint by over a quarter.

Funded by the Department of Transport, Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) and the Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council, the Rochdale Interchange was one of the 20 schemes released to promote growth in the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement at the end of last year.

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