Why you won’t dare to pedal the Marrs M-1 electric bicycle

Designing bicycles is all about figuring out ways to keep the weight down so that the rider isn’t exactly covered in sweat while pedaling it. However, the use of electric motors made pedaling look like a thing of the past as electrons stored in onboard batteries do the job for you. Electric bicycle manufacturers thus got the freedom to play with the design of the bicycle without worrying much about its weight and this is the reason all high-end electric bicycles weigh a little more than conventional bicycles, counting the weight of batteries and the electric motor too.

So how much can the weight of an electric bicycle be increased without transforming it to a motorcycle? The question doesn’t have a fixed answer as the figures really depend on how fit the rider is. However, it still should be low enough so that the rider can actually pedal the bicycle when the onboard batteries run out of juice. Designers at Marrs Cycles seem to have forgotten the weight barrier, while they created the Marrs M-1 ebike. The bicycle, which looks more like an antique Harley Davidson motorcycle, is built-to-order, which means that it can boast any specifications which the customer wants. The basic version includes a 20Ah battery that allows a 79-kg rider to travel up to 20 miles without pedaling at a top speed of 20mph.

However, the odd thing here is that even after 20 miles of traveling, if you don’t reach back home or the batteries die midway, you’ll have to pedal a bike weighing a whopping 140 pounds. Still if have the strength it takes to pedal a 64kg monster, all the way back home, expect to shell out something in excess of $7000.

Via: Gizmag

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