EOS Energy’s 160kWh zinc air battery could end range anxiety

The major drawbacks with electric cars are their reduced operating range, high charging times and above all high cost. UK-based EOS Energy is planning to end all that with a 160kWh zinc air battery that could hit markets as soon as next year. The company has secured a lot of funding in the past few months, which would be used in developing this battery, which if used in vehicles will mean an electric car with a range in excess of 340 miles.

The company isn’t planning to apply the zinc-air batteries directly in electric cars, however initially they are planning to make the product available for grid storage to help store excess renewable energy for times when generating more energy isn’t possible. Zinc air batteries are quite durable as well, as they have managed to survive 2000+ recharge cycles without any degradation. Moreover, it is even possible to refuel the battery much like gas tanks.

The affordable nature of the batteries means that a 70kWh battery pack could cost over $11,000 and could propel a car to up to 300 miles. Though, at the moment we are not sure about whether or not the batteries will become part of an electric car, but if it does, and we hope for the same, it could end range anxiety and make electric cars more lucrative than their gas powered cousins.

Via: Gas2

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