Solar Impulse returns home after historic 4000-mile intercontinental journey

Solar Impulse, the solar powered airplane which has been making waves on the internet for quite some time now, has completed a historic 4000 mile intercontinental round-trip journey by traveling between Europe and Africa. The aircraft landed home in Payerne, Switzerland at 14:30 ET on Tuesday.

The journey began on May 24, and wasn’t exactly planned to see how fast the plane could complete make a flight between two continents, but was to assess the airplane’s endurance and reliability and to raise public awareness about energy issues. Moreover, the trip also promoted the use of renewable energies and the need for an ambitious energy policy.

The aircraft flew the eight-leg, 4000 mile trip from Payerne to Morocco and back again. During the trip the plane flew during the day time and landed at night to avoid areas of air turbulence. The best part about the entire journey was that the airplane always landed with a fully charged set of batteries.



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