Proposal for the UN Headquarters for Sustainability building flaunts a roof garden

Conceptualized by designer Cem Korkmaz, the Shellter is a eco friendly building proposal for the United Nations Headquarters for Sustainability. The building envelope houses functions of an environmental council for the United Nations. Designed to be built right next to the UN General Assembly building, the Shellter defines spaces on and around the existing buildings with an aim to better the spatial qualities along with functional and climatic performance.

The actions of sustainably in the building are not just confined to the building’s scale but instead are used to make a more urban impact. The building allows leaders of UN member countries to do take strict actions for a greener world, in a more expressive fashion. The volumes inside the building create a rich indoor buffer zone that has been shaped carefully to a simple geometry.

Designed in a sustainable fashion to reduce energy use and also better the indoor environment, the building features glass roofs and windows that let in natural light to help save energy that would have otherwise been used for artificial lighting. Moreover, the building includes a striking roof garden and a collection of trees growing inside the building, utilizing the sunlight that filters through the building’s glass structure.

Cheers! Cem Korkmaz

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