GiraDora: Manually powered clothes washer could save time and water

People in the developing world spend a lot of time just to get a few gallons of water, which means that a job as simple as washing clothes takes about six hours worth of effort. The conditions in the developing parts of the world are the reason we see inventors coming up with eco friendly and electricity-free laundry solutions such as the Up-Stream and now the GiraDora.

The GiraDora is a foot-powered clothes washer made inside a blue bucket that hides a spinning mechanism that washes clothes and later dries them enough so that you can simply hang them in the sun for complete drying. The machine is operated by a foot pedal, while the user sits on the lid to stabilize the machine. Moreover, being portable the washer can be placed near a water source, or if it’s raining outside, you can simply wash your clothes inside your house.

Apart from being an electricity-free solution to washing clothes, the GiraDora also helps in saving water, which isn’t easy to come by if you’re living in a developing world. The inventors, Alex Cabunoc an Ji A You, also claim that the washer reduces health risks such as joint problems, skin irritation and mold inhalation and lower-back pain associated with hand-washing clothes. The eco friendly and easy to use product is made using simple components and the inventors believe that the washer and dryer will cost less than $40 when mass produced.

Via: CoDesign

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