Effizienhaus Plus green home generates surplus renewable energy

In a bit to explore just how efficient eco friendly housing can get, Robert Llewellyn has come up with the Effizienhaus Plus, an ultra-efficient experimental house that consumes a lot less energy that what is actually generated by the home’s renewable energy generation systems. The 130sqm living space includes the latest technical achievements in the field of energy efficiency.

The house features a modern heat pump and photovoltaic panels on the roof and façade, which together generate more energy that what the inhabitants would consume. The energy generated by the solar panels is stored in high performance batteries that not only power the house but also powers the electric cars the inhabitants drive. The eco friendly house not just runs on off-grid electricity but also feeds excess electricity to the grid.

The house also includes an equipment room where all the energy statistics are made available on touch panels. Moreover, the inhabitants can also select the routes on which they drive and the charging infrastructure in the house determines the optimal energy for charging these vehicles. The futuristic house is self-sufficient, has a low carbon footprint and above all is almost completely recyclable.

Via: Treehugger


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