M-City: Distinctly designed building is adorned with green roofs

Conventionally towers are built upwards in a successive manner, so that the end result is a building that can withstand natural elements. However, newer technology being developed for the architecture of the future, not only allows buildings to be eco friendly, but also ensures that architects and planners can play with the overall shape of the building. Architects Vladimir Plotkin and Roberto Meyer have used the same design principles to come up with the conceptual proposal of M-City, which aims to change the typology of tower building.

The M-City project is designed to rise by stacking housing blocks on top of each other. Featuring triangular openings and open-air courtyards, the silhouette of the building forms the symbolic letter “M”. The three 23-story triangular blocks are stacked on top of a 9-story platform, at a distance of 20 to 50 meters between them. The roofs of these three towers also support a couple of triangular houses rising 19-storys high.

The mixed-use development with log of glass windows, which helps natural light to flood through it, also features a three-level underground parking garage and four different parking levels above the ground. Moreover, the lower levels include a number of shops and even a hotel. Higher up, the space is occupied by offices, where the atria is adorned with a glass grid and then decorated with hanging gardens.

Out of the three towers, two provide space to office units, while the remaining one includes apartments. The façade features floor decks protruding as terraces, with ample green areas to give them a more organic look.

Via: Evolo

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