Solar powered OLED membrane could be the future of streetlights

Being always out in the open, solar energy is an ideal way to power streetlights. This is the reason we see designers regularly coming up with solar powered streetlights that don’t consume any grid electricity while keeping streets illuminated after dark. Exploring the potential of solar energy and energy saving OLEDs, designers at System Design Studio have come up with a conceptual street lighting solution, they call the OLED Membrane.

The project consists of a system of OLED lighting modules coupled with flexible solar panels. The lighting system is made using flexible and rigid elements that can move according to the orientation and direction of sunlight so that the onboard photovoltaic panels can capture the maximum possible energy. The solar panels absorb energy during the day and store it in batteries, located at the base of the structure, to power the lighting system at night.

During the day, the membrane also gives shade and protection in the outdoors to the pedestrians. The active element of lighting provides a dynamic scene, which is comprised of two systems of lighting. The permanent lighting system is shaped by reflectors of LEDs that illuminate the street continuously and the second features OLEDs that are activated by sensors, as movement in front of the LED reflectors is detected. This way the street remains partly illuminated all night, thereby saving energy. However, when somebody is walking on the street, both the lighting systems are activated for more lighting.

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