Trina Solar’s showroom to highlight the company’s products in a natural environment

Designers and architects at Burgeoning Studio and R/GA have collaborated to design the new showroom of Trina Solar, which has been conceptualized as an immersive environment by creating a positive experience with the use of natural materials. The goal of the project is to highlight the products of the company and also impress visitors with the ability of energy efficient systems and the use of solar power.

The designers have come up with a delicate spatial arrangement, which helps the showroom capture the maximum amount of solar energy with a collection of reflective and refractive materials, which interact with different transparencies. The place displays a variety of products together, while also displaying the company’s oversized manufacturing equipment. This unique strategy helps users learn the process of solar panel production while educating them about the need for renewable energy generation for a greener environment.

Apart from harnessing renewable solar energy, the showroom also does well in saving a lot of preciously produced energy with the help of high-efficient LED custom lamps and the use of natural materials. Moreover, the façade features custom glass films that direct sunlight into the spatial interiors and also controls the majority of lighting in the space. With energy efficient systems in place, the showroom is expected to save up to 40 percent of the energy when compared with similar showrooms.

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