Malaysian eco village features homes built from recycled materials

While the world today is striving for greener architecture and self-sustaining communities, Malaysian architecture firm IRIS Corporation is showing the way to do so. The architecture firm has come up with the Rimbunan Kaseh, an eco friendly village featuring 100 affordable homes spread across an area of 12 hectares. The striking feature of the entire development is that the homes, which are constructed from reclaimed, post-consumer materials, were built in just ten days.

The sustainable community consists of affordable homes, high-tech educations, training and recreational facilities and moreover a closed-loop agricultural system designed to provide both food and supplementary income. In addition to the 100 homes, each about 100sqm in area, the community includes four-level aquaculture system and the use of solar energy, biomass and mini-hydro systems to generate electricity.

For landscaping the community uses filtered wastewater from fish tanks. The plants are grown in novel hydroponic devices, reducing need for costly fertilizers and pesticides and moreover water is saved too.

Via: Triple Pundit

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