Amphibious bike becomes a raft to pedal boat on waterways

Riding an amphibious vehicle is always an adventure and fun, but their limited production and elevated cost make them “an unapproachable chalet high in the mountains” for normal users. Combining fun and adventure together, South Korean designers Taein Yeum and Lee Soo Min has come up with an innovative bike that moves on road as well as water with ease. Dubbed as “Bike Raft,” the new bike as suggested by its name becomes a raft to pedal the boat on waterways.

The Bike Raft is especially designed for the bikers moving around the Han River, where they can lend a boat with a special holder that connects to the pedal of the bike on an axis to turn it into an amphibious vehicle. To set the boat in motion, all you need to do is pedal the bike, as you do when moving on the road, while the handlebar lets you change the direction of the boat with minimum fuss. The creative bike not only presents a unique combination of form and function, but also adds sustainability to your leisure activities.

Via: Designboom

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