Portable Verbandkammer container offers a modular space for creative artists

Artists or designers usually wish for a calm and collected space to help them visualize and produce innovative works without any disturbance. Designed to bring all the amenities under a single roof, the “Verbandkammer” by architects Nilsson Pflugfelder is a modular space that offers a workspace, residence and archive or meeting area for modern artists looking to give wings to their ideas.  Backed by the FLACC Workplace for Visual Artists, the mobile container is currently on display in Genk, Belgium, as part of contemporary art biennial Manifesta 9 Parallel Events.

Combining living and workspace into a single unit, the Verbandkammer provides enough space to let designers create and manuscript their projects in an inspiring environment. Featuring the structure finished with 11 different frames, 10 types of cladding and 40 separate modules, the bulky yet mobile container includes a number of shelves to display files and drawings to access the information of previous projects and exhibitions held at the arts institution.

The sustainable container is equipped with latest computers to provide a hi-tech workspace for designers, where they can materialize their inspirational works, while enjoying a fresh cuppa coffee that they can brew from an integrated coffee machine. The Verbandkammer is indeed a highly creative as well as sustainable container that is sure to attract a number of artists and designers from all over the world.

Via: Dezeen/ Inhabitat

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