Scotland’s smallest cinema runs on solar power

Cinema in small towns or far off areas is more than a luxury, and if runs on renewable energy, you cannot ask for more. Launched a couple of days ago in a remote East Lothian harbor, the Beach Hut cinema runs on solar power to entertain visitors in a most creative and sustainable manner. Hailed as “Filmscape,” the shed cinema is claimed to be the first and only solar-powered film theater in Scotland.

Funded and constructed by home-builder Taylor Wimpey, the compact cinema, when not screening movies, can also be used as an exhibition space or becomes a creative workspace for artists. Capable of seating 10 spectators, of course not in utmost comfort, the innovative solar powered cinema is designed to screen short films that will represent the social and cultural heritage of the nation, while connecting with the landscape.

If you are looking for the multiplex experience, 3D and surround sound, the Victoria Harbour shed is not an ideal place for you, for it will screen only a series of films created by six artists.

Via: Scotsman

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