Hypercubus micro mobile hotel room looks towards the horizon

There is no denying the fact that rapid industrialization and the growth in population have resulted in declining land resources, which are a necessity while considering the fact that in the years to come more and more people will start living in the urban world. The solution to the problem is simple –homes and hotels that offer basic amenities in a tiny package. Working on the same lines, Austria-based Studio WG3, have come up with a temporary retreat for tourists who want to spend some quality time in the lap of nature.

The architectural firm has developed the Hypercubus – a tiny and mobile hotel room that is tilted towards the sky. The mobile hotel can sit on the edge of any landscape and can be part of a larger setup with a number of Hypercubus modules connected to each other. The designers believe that apart from serving as micro hotel rooms, the tiny modules can also be used for corporate retreats.

The unique tilt of the structure is accomplished by bolting one corner of the room to a concrete pad, while the other end is suspended using a metal stair case. The clever design also helps in breaking the onboard area into three units, with the lower section being home to a bathroom and the overhead sections providing a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape. Being small in size, you won’t be getting a kitchenette inside and even the storage space is minimal, making the place ideal only for short stays.

Via: Inhabitat/Architizer

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