World’s largest wind turbine to have a swept area of more than two football fields

The simple mathematics related to wind turbine size is that the bigger the wind turbine blades are, the more power will the turbine generate. Siemens knows this mathematics pretty well and is working on the world’s largest turbine blades, which measure a whopping 75 meters in length, which is just a fraction short than the wingspan of A380 Airbus.

Each of these monstrous wind turbine blades are created from a single piece of carbon fiber, making them the largest individual pieces of carbon fiber construction in the world. Siemens is working with DONG Energy to create these offshore wind turbines, 300 of which will be installed off the cost of Britain between 2014 and 2017, to generate about 1800MW of renewable electric power.

Each of these wind turbines will be able to generate about 6MW of electrical power, which is enough to power 6000 European households. While the turbine will be able to set a number of records, one of the most astonishing records is that the swept area of each of the turbine will be about 18,600sqm, which is equivalent to the area of about two and a half football fields.

Via: DailyMail

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