Agri-Cube: Hydroponic unit produces 10,000 vegetables each year

Dwindling land resources have not only shown their effects on architecture, but on farming as well. Moreover, with scarce water reserves, farming techniques need a major overhaul, which comes in the shape of newer farming systems based on the use of hydroponics. Daiwa House Industry is trying to solve the issues with the Agri-Cube – a portable hydroponic unit that is being claimed to produce about 10,000 vegetables in the space of a single car park.

The system makes use of a variety of technologies including Variable Height Illumination System, which helps provide a specific amount of light required for cultivation. The entire system comes with air conditioning and other equipment in a single package, which helps people with little or no farming knowledge use the system to produce vegetables.

The system can be utilized to grow leaf lettuce, salad greens and other leafy vegetables. Apart from leafy vegetables, the hydroponic system can be used to grow root vegetables up to a specified size as well. The developers claim that leaf lettuce can be grown in just 42 days from sowing seeds to harvesting and the yield is about 30 heads of lettuce each day.

The system can also be powered by rooftop solar panels as the system makes use of fluorescent lighting instead of sunlight and the biggest expense of the system is electricity. Moreover, with temperature control, the energy expense rises. With all those expenses, the developing team believes that it will take about $4500 each year to run the system, with an upfront cost of at least $70,000.

Via: Digi Info

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