Solar hiking bag lets you charge your entire gadget gear with renewable energy

Everyone loves to flaunt their newly acquired gadgets and their gadget gear to their friends, just to show their digital life. However, all those gadgets are no use when their batteries run out of juice, something which is bound to happen when you’re out camping or are on a hiking trip. The tents you set up on these places don’t have access to the grid, but have access to a variety of natural sources such as the sun and the wind which can be used to generate usable electricity. The Solar Hiking Bag is just one way you can charge your gadget gear, without relying on grid electricity.

Costing just $48, the Solar Hiking Bag is built tough and carries a 2200mAh battery pack that is quickly charged by the onboard 2.4W solar panel. Once fully charged, the onboard battery can charge a variety of devices including cell phones, digital cameras, handheld game consoles and MP3 players. Best of all, the backpack comes with six adapter tips included that will work with most brands of mobile phones. Moreover, the onboard solar panel is also able to provide those electrons even when recharging under artificial lighting.

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